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“If that’s the future of death metal, then it is in fucking safe hands”

Dave Ingram (BOLT THROWER, BENEDICTION), Metal Breakfast Radio 14.7


“...The cruel force of Vital Remains, precision of "Evangelion", grim parts of Immolation, and jazz deviations of Death with a little bit of Morbid Angel's darkness are all here, on "Immerse In Infinity". Simply fantastic!”



“Yes, Lost Soul are amazing, they seem to have evolved from being a straight-up Morbid Angel type of band to some kind of cosmic hyperspeed Death Metal band.”


“Incredibly, these Polish death metallers are something of a dark horse, as not many seem to know about them. Chaostream, their newest album prior to this one, was released in 2005 and is arguably one of the best DM records released in the 2000’s. Still, not much recognition (that would’ve been much deserved) has fallen upon this awesome band, which is really intriguing and sad, ‘cause they kick even Behemoth’s ass. And that’s not saying a little. Well, now they’re finally back with “Immerse in Infinity”. Is it any good? Is it as good as one could hope, considering the prequel? Is Stevie Wonder blind? Well… [...]”

www.globaldomination.se (9/10)

“Final verdict? Immerse in Infinity is definitely one of last year’s best death metal albums. The long but intense tracks never get boring and the instrumental capabilities of the band members are so extremely enjoyable to listen to. I hope this will finally get Lost Soul on the map and on the road as well. If the band can match the standards they have set on cd, we can expect something huge!”

www.metalrage.com (88%)

“What a talent to write songs (Simulation), to play guitar solos (216) and to construct riffs (…If The Dead Can Speak). Lost Soul has proven that within the boundaries of death metal still great creations can surface from out of the infinity. The new death metal MASTERS from Poland. My soul is lost forever.”

www.heavymetalcosmos.eu (9,5/10)

“One of the best things about metal is taking the time to find quality albums like this so I highly recommend a visit to Witching Hours website to obtain what is clearly, for me, one of the best death metal albums of 2009.”

www.metalobsession.net (9/10)

“This is a big step up for an already good band, and deserves plenty of attention from death metal fans. They are an underrated act, and this record can stand alongside the highpoints of 2009’s death metal scene without yielding an inch. ”

www.metalreviews.com (86/100)

“After four years of musical non-existence, in 2009 Lost Soul released "Immerse In Infinity", probably their best album. They managed to fuse technical death metal with at least as much musicality to make it listenable for a common metalhead. For a death metal fan this CD is a must-have.”

www.ultimate-guitar.com (8,7/10)

“To put it simply, Immerse in Infinity is like the interstellar evolution of Immersed in Blood, equally brutal but bathed in a futuristic disposition. Never once does the staggering musical ability of the band interfere with the steady puncture of the songwriting. It's disgustingly humbling and thorough in its hostile statement of intent: if you thought Lost Soul meant business before, they now OWN that business. Enjoy.”

www.autothrall.blogspot.com (9,5/10)



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