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Jacek Grecki - vocals, guitars

Marek Gołaś - guitars

Damian Czajkowski - bass

Asmodeus Draco Dux - drums





Inception of Lost Soul.


Band's first demo "Eternal Darkness" is issued


The band records their second demo "Superior Ignotum" at Fors Music Studio (Czech Republic). The recording has been heard by just several people, we shall try to re-issue it in future.


Signing a contract with "Baron Records" results in another attempt to record "Superior Ignotum" at Digital Studio (Wroclaw). Jacek Grecki soon leaves the band due to the fact that his bandmates were unable to accept him playing in a rock band alongside Lost Soul.


Lost Soul reunion and works on new material.


The band records a four-song demo at Selani Studio (Olsztyn), which later appears on Relapse's "Polish Assault" (with Decapitated) and Novum Vox Mortis "Disco's out, Slaughter's In" with Dissenter.


Lost Soul sign contract with Relapse Records and issue their debut LP, recorded at Fonoplastykon Studio.


Band's first album "Scream of the Mourning Star" (Relapse/MMP) is released.


Lost Soul work on their second album. The band signs a contract with Empire Records.


"Ubermensch" is recorded in Wroclaw at Tower Studio. It is out on Empire Records soon after. Lost Soul play 10 concerts during Thrash'em All Festival, together with Mostrosity and Vomitory.


Lost Soul's first appearance at Metalmania Festival alongside with Samael and Vader. "Ubermensch" is released worldwide courtesy of Osmose Productions.


The band (i.e. Adam and Jacek) record "Chaostream" at Hertz Studio (Białystok). Lost Soul go on tour with Vader, Ceti and Crionics during Blitzkrieg 2.


"Chaostream" is out in Poland courtesy of Empire Records and worldwide thanks to Earache/Wicked World, to which the band signs. Lost Soul play during an unprofessionally organized European tour called "Mega Strike In Chaos Tour" together with Sanatorium and Fleshgore. Then they play 10 concerts at British "Summer Tour" with Vader and finally Blitzkrieg 3 - 48 concerts in Europe with Vader, Rotting Christ and Anorexia Nervosa and several festivals with Nile, Entombed and Decapitated. 2005 endes with Lost Soul's performance at charity concert in memory of Docent, the late Vader's drummer.


Various on-tour experiences from 2005 made Jacek Grecki sensibly start thinking of changing Lost Soul's line-up and have better musicians by his side. It never happened though and he left the band following an embarrassing situation the band put him in.


Eight new songs were created in two weeks of July.


Jacek and Czajnik (Lost Soul bassist since 2004) found a great drummer - Desecrate known from Polish bands Gortal, Namaah and Pyorrhoea. The band starts rehearsals in September. Apart from the music, Jacek wrote all the lyrics for the new album called "Immerse in Infinity".


Domin (guitar) known from Polish band Extinct Gods, joins the band.. Desecrate records drum tracks between 9 and 16 February at Progresja Studio (Warsaw). Between 17 and 20 February the tracks were edited at Hertz Studio. From 23 to 30 March Jacek recorded his guitar tracks at both Top Secret Studio and Hellsound Studio (Wroclaw). Between 14 and 30 April Czajnik recorded bass tracks and Jacek did all the vocal parts and solos. 8-12 June - Lost Soul, with careful supervision of Wieslawski Bros., put finishing touches to the mix of their fourth studio release "Immerse in Infinity". On 11 July the band signs a deal for two successive albums with Polish label Witching Hour Productions. Nine days later Wieslawski Bros. start album's mastering process. The street date of "Immerse in Infinity" is set to 6 October, 2009. The album was greatly acclaimed by the fans and media all over the world. Many Polish magazines voted "Immerse in Infinity" the album of 2009, surpassing new releases form Behemoth and Vader. Lost Soul's new album received better notes than Nile in many parts of the world. 24 December 2009 Lost soul released their first ever video - a clip for the song "If the dead can speak".


Promotion of "Immerse in Infinity" during Aealo Tour concerts (alongside Rotting Christ). The band played dozens of festivals, XV Brutal Assault among others. Reviews, interviews and splits appear in best music magazines all over the world. The success of the new album spurred production of a new video for a song off "Immerse in Infinity" - "Personal Universe". The band has been working on their special anniversary 4CD release to celebrate 20 years of band's existence. The release will contain 16 re-recorded songs from Lost Soul's first two demo albums and some pieces off "Scream of the Mourning Star" and "Ubermensch - Death of God)" plus two surprise cover songs, 22 remastered original song versions of "Immerse in Infinity", including the very first album demo. The live album recorded in Stodola Club (Warsaw) during a gig with Gojira and Masachist (and several other songs tracked totally live during the tour) and a DVD of our concert in Progresja, previously unpublished live footage and loads of extra eye candy.


The band records their anniversary album "Genesis XX Years of chaoZ" (the last band's release for WHP), and plays several dozen gigs. The band's core members Jacek and Damian, sensing a lack of dedication from the remaining bandmates, decide to join forces with Marek Gołaś (guitar) and Jonathan Garofoli (drums), who soon proved to be the right people to hit it big.


Lost Soul's new line up came up with songs for their new full-length, and reinvented their stage presence. Witching Hour Productions announced plans to the release the band's anniversary album in December 2012.


Anniversary album "Genesis - XX Years of Chaoz" is out. Lost Soul has fulfilled the contract and is currently looking for a new label. Between April to June the band recorded drums, guitars and bass for the new album. Because of the severe accident of vocalist Jacek Grecki, vocal recordings were postponed to January 2014.


The band just finished mastering of the new album "Atlantis – The New Beginning" in Hertz Recording Studios with Wieslawski Bros.


New album "Atlantis: The New Beginning" is released via Apostasy Records.